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Table of Contents

Chapter: Creating Your Game Concept

The Course Overview

04m 26s

Job Roles in Game Development

03m 48s

Gameplay Design

02m 4s

Game’s Story and Visual Style

07m 0s

Chapter: Creating Characters

Downloading Blender

09m 54s

Creating the Monster's 3D Model

16m 12s

Unwrapping the Monster's UV Map

04m 45s

Creating the Monster's Texture

04m 57s

Creating the Player Character's 3D Model

06m 58s

Unwrapping the Player Character's UV Map

02m 55s

Character Rigging and Monster's Armature Creation

07m 47s

Creating the Player Character's Armature

05m 36s

Weight Painting

02m 20s

Animating Characters

10m 30s

Chapter: Creating the Environment

Building Terrain and Wall Models

05m 17s

Building Rock Models

03m 21s

Creating Rock and Wall Textures

03m 36s

Building Grass Models

03m 58s

Creating the Grass Texture

02m 0s

Chapter: Integrating Your Assets into the Game

Basic User Interface of Unity

04m 10s

Importing Environment Assets

17m 54s

Importing Character Assets

11m 26s

Chapter: Developing the Game Structure

Game Structure Design and the Game Flow

10m 31s

Designing the User Interface Structure

09m 26s

Player Inputs and Character Movements

13m 6s

Creating Basic Artificial Intelligence

05m 29s

Chapter: Creating Levels and Game Progression

Creating character attributes

03m 53s

Adding In-game Items and Power-ups

04m 57s

Improving Enemy AI

01m 31s

Adding Save Points

07m 24s

Chapter: Post-Production and Visual FX

A Basic Particle System

07m 35s

Mist Particles

03m 24s

Torch Fire

02m 29s

Image FX

08m 13s

Quality Settings

05m 18s

Chapter: Deploying the Game

Build Settings

09m 8s

Player Settings

05m 19s