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Table of Contents

Chapter: Fundamentals

The Course Overview

05m 40s

Installing the Framework

18m 0s

Dependency Injection Container

06m 57s

Service Locator

04m 13s

Code Generation

05m 26s

Configuring Components

02m 51s

Working with Events

05m 19s

Using External Code

08m 32s

Chapter: Routing, Controllers, and Views

Configuring URL Rules

04m 48s

Generating URLs

04m 58s

Using Regular Expressions in URL Rules

03m 24s

Using a base controller

02m 35s

Using Standalone Actions

04m 1s

Creating a Custom Filter

02m 39s

Displaying Static Pages

02m 15s

Using Flash Messages

03m 5s

Using the Controller Context in a View

01m 26s

Reusing Views with Partials

03m 3s

Using Blocks

02m 3s

Using Decorators

01m 40s

Defining Multiple Layouts

02m 31s

Pagination and Sorting Data

03m 17s

Chapter: ActiveRecord, Model, and Database

Getting Data from a Database

04m 52s

Defining and Using Multiple DB Connections

05m 12s

Customizing the ActiveQuery Class

03m 44s

Processing Model Fields with AR Event-like Methods

02m 47s

Automating Timestamps

03m 21s

Setting Up an Author Automatically

04m 3s

Setting Up a Slug Automatically

04m 39s


02m 59s

Replication and Read-write Splitting

02m 56s

Implementing Single-table Inheritance

03m 50s

Chapter: Forms

Writing your Own Validators

03m 7s

Uploading Files

04m 4s

Adding and Customizing CaptchaWidget

04m 13s

Customizing Captcha

02m 15s

Creating a Custom Input Widget

02m 31s

Tabular Input

04m 40s

Conditional Validation

01m 43s

Complex Forms with Multiple Models

03m 36s

AJAX-dependent Drop-down List

03m 2s

AJAX Validation

02m 35s

Creating a Custom Client-Side Validation

03m 27s

Chapter: Security


03m 48s

Using Controller Filters

05m 37s

Preventing XSS

04m 3s

Preventing SQL injections

04m 48s

Preventing CSRF

05m 35s

Using RBAC

06m 36s

Encrypting/Decrypting Data

03m 34s

Chapter: RESTful Web Services

Creating a REST Server

07m 29s

Authenticating REST APIs

01m 42s

Rate Limiting

04m 34s


03m 13s

Error Handling

01m 33s

Chapter: Official Extensions

Authentication Client

04m 32s

SwiftMailer E-mail Library

06m 8s

Faker Fixture Data Generator

03m 42s

Imagine Library

02m 15s

MongoDB Driver

06m 52s