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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Welcome: Course Objectives and Overview

02m 33s

Course Focus and Approach

02m 26s

Chapter: Core Concepts

What is Jenkins?

01m 24s

Build Maturity

01m 15s

Build Cycle

01m 23s

Continuous Buzzwords

01m 22s

Jenkins Architecture

01m 26s

Jenkins Terms

02m 48s

Chapter: Installation

Installation Overview

01m 42s

32 vs 64-bit Windows

01m 25s

Google Chrome on Windows

02m 42s

Fit for Windows

08m 53s

Notepad ++ Installation on Windows

02m 3s

Notepad++ Configuration

03m 18s

Java Installation on Windows

03m 12s

Java Configuration

02m 54s

Maven Installation on Windows

04m 40s

Jenkins Installation on Windows

01m 49s

Starting and Stopping Jenkins via Windows Services

02m 0s

Chapter: The Basics

The Basics Overview

00m 29s

The First Job

02m 39s

Running the First Job

01m 35s

Jenkins Dashboard

01m 51s

Failing Jobs

02m 58s

Disable Job

01m 4s

Update Plugins

02m 20s

Add Plugins

02m 3s

Delete a Job

02m 1s

Jenkins Configuration

03m 45s

Chapter: Maven Projects

Maven Projects Overview

00m 50s

Confirm Maven Projects Outside Jenkins

02m 21s

Git Plugins

01m 33s

Maven Jobs

02m 10s

Maven Build Modules

02m 15s

Jenkins Workspace

01m 30s

Failed Maven Projects

02m 58s

Scheduling Jenkins Jobs

03m 4s

Source Control Polling in Jenkins

01m 47s

Applying Configuration Changes

01m 0s

Jenkins Tabs

02m 30s

Jenkins Home Directory

02m 5s

Chapter: Tests and Quality Analysis: Continuous Inspection

Continuous Inspection Overview

00m 51s

Project Source Review (Unit Tests and updates for quality analysis)

02m 16s

Unit Testing in Jenkins

01m 46s

Quality Analysis Plugins and Configuration

02m 17s

Reviewing Quality Analysis

01m 49s

Enforcing Minimum Quality Scores

03m 10s

Improving Quality Scores, Part 1

02m 1s

Improving Quality Scores, Part 2

05m 4s

Chapter: Publishing Build Artifacts to an Artifact Repository

Publishing Overview

00m 45s

Maven Repository Plugin and Configuration

01m 10s

Build and Review Artifact Publishing

01m 42s

Chapter: Build Artifact Deployment with Jenkins

Deployment Overview

00m 53s

Tomcat Installation

02m 32s

Tomcat Configuration

02m 59s

Deployment Plugin

00m 39s

Project Source Review for Deployment (WebApp Module)

00m 51s

Project Configuration for Tomcat Deployment

00m 54s


02m 3s

Chapter: Security in Jenkins

Security Overview

00m 42s

Enable Security Plugin

02m 42s

Role Strategy Plugin

02m 55s

Adding Users

01m 10s

Users Role

02m 27s

Project Role

02m 59s

Chapter: Conclusion


00m 54s

Final Thoughts

00m 56s