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Table of Contents

Chapter: Ansible 2 – What's It All About?

The Course Overview

04m 25s

What Is Ansible?

03m 29s

Why Ansible?

03m 9s

Demonstration – From Bash to Ansible

19m 28s

Course Layout

02m 54s

Basic Ansible Vocabulary

02m 53s

New Features in Ansible 2.0

03m 30s

Chapter: Setting up the Learning Environment

Creating an Ansible Home Base

03m 2s

Installing Ansible

05m 48s

Bleeding-Edge Ansible Installation

08m 30s

Setting up our Test Environment

07m 33s

Target Machine Requirements

03m 7s

Chapter: Jumping into Ansible 2

Ansible Configuration Hierarchy

05m 16s

Ansible Hosts Inventory File

05m 19s

Ad-Hoc Commands

07m 54s

Introduction to Playbooks

19m 40s

Playbook Structure

11m 16s

Introduction to Modules

06m 1s

Common Modules

11m 30s

Variables and Facts

17m 55s

Chapter: A Real-World Playbook

Real-Life Playbook: Mattermost Deployment

12m 2s

Real-Life Playbook Walkthrough

14m 43s

Chapter: Loops, Blocks, Strategies, and Galaxies

Debugging and Troubleshooting

13m 6s

Conditionals and Control Flow

04m 52s

Templating, Control Flow, and Iteration in Jinja2

07m 37s

YAML Basics

04m 37s

Ansible Blocks

03m 59s

Performance and Execution Strategies

08m 10s

Ansible Galaxy

04m 59s


04m 13s

Chapter: Ansible in the Cloud

Ansible in the Cloud

03m 1s

Ansible AWS Demo

25m 10s

Ansible Tower

02m 30s