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Table of Contents

Chapter: Clustering with E-commerce Data

The Course Overview

03m 53s

Understanding Customer Segmentation

03m 50s

Clustering Methods – K means and Hierarchical

15m 36s

Clustering Methods – Model Based, Other and Comparison

05m 32s

Chapter: Building a Retail Recommendation Engine

What Is Recommendation?

07m 29s

Application of Methods and Limitations of Collaborative Filtering

02m 30s

Practical Project

04m 41s

Chapter: Dimensionality Reduction

Why Dimensionality Reduction?

09m 14s

Practical Project around Dimensionality Reduction

12m 41s

Parametric Approach to Dimension Reduction

02m 42s

Chapter: Applying Neural Network to Healthcare Data

Introduction to Neural Networks

04m 7s

Understanding the Math Behind the Neural Network

01m 58s

Neural Network Implementation in R

01m 58s

Neural Networks for Prediction

03m 25s

Neural Networks for Classification

01m 31s

Neural Networks for Forecasting

01m 16s

Merits and Demerits of Neural Networks

02m 21s