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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Welcome To The Course

01m 37s

About The Author

00m 52s

Chapter: Alexa Architecture Overview

Amazon Hardware Review

02m 3s

Alexa Platform Overview

02m 48s

What Is A Skill?

04m 8s

Interaction Model Overview

03m 40s

Request Response Model Overview

05m 0s

Chapter: How To Write Your First Alexa App

Creating An Amazon Developer Account

01m 51s

Choosing A Skill Name

03m 26s

Creating The Intent Schema

00m 54s

Identifying Sample Utterances

03m 5s

Authoring Publishing Information

04m 41s

Creating An Amazon Web Services Account

02m 5s

Authoring Your First Lambda Function

05m 13s

Chapter: Testing Your Application

Establishing Test Conditions

00m 54s

Using The Developer Console To Unit Test

03m 52s

How To Unit Test A Lambda Function

02m 17s

Using An Actual Device To Test With Your Voice

01m 1s

How To Check For Errors Within Lambda

01m 29s

Chapter: Deploying Your Application

Skill Certification Process

01m 3s

How To Submit Your Skill For Approval

02m 4s

Receiving User Feedback

02m 8s

Tracking Skill Usage

02m 14s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up And Thank You

01m 2s