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Table of Contents

Chapter: Virtually Everything for Everyone

The Course Overview

03m 32s

What is Virtual Reality to You?

05m 6s

Types of Display and Difference between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

05m 18s

Applications versus Games

07m 57s

Types of VR Experiences and Required Technical Skills

05m 46s

Chapter: Objects and Scale

Getting Started with Unity

06m 53s

Creating a Simple Diorama

15m 13s

Measurement Tools

09m 1s

An Introduction to Blender

16m 40s

Chapter: VR Build and Run

VR Device Integration Software

05m 30s

Creating MeMyselfEye Prefab

02m 44s

Build for Google Cardboard

06m 45s

Device Independent Clicker

01m 53s

How Virtual Reality Really Works

11m 13s

Chapter: Gaze Based Control

Ethan, the Walker

19m 7s

Go, Where I’m Looking

08m 12s

If Looks Could Kill

07m 16s

Chapter: World Space UI

A Reusable Default Canvas

06m 8s

The Visor HUD

03m 21s

The Reticle Cursor

05m 17s

The Windshield HUD

04m 26s

The Game Element UI

03m 25s

The Info Bubble

05m 47s

An In-Game Dashboard with Input Events

19m 52s

A Responsive Object UI with Head Gestures

07m 47s