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Table of Contents

Chapter: Installation and Setup

The Course Overview

05m 14s

Installing on Windows

10m 7s

Quick Start

02m 28s

Building NN Using GPU

02m 31s

Chapter: Neural Networks

Classification and Clustering

09m 28s

Softmax Function

02m 33s

Multilinear Regression

03m 39s

Logistic Regression

04m 28s

Chapter: Implementing Neural Nets

Gradient Descent

05m 8s

Multilayer Perceptron

07m 25s

Feed-Forward Neural Networks

04m 16s

Recurrent Neural Networks

05m 50s

Chapter: Deeper Architectures

Long Short Term Memory Units

03m 50s

Convolutional Neural Networks

06m 50s

Denoising Autoencoders

13m 13s

Restricted Boltzmann Machine

11m 27s

Chapter: Tuning

Hyper-Parameter Space

04m 4s

Fixing and Selecting Parameters

04m 41s

Early Stopping

03m 54s

Testing and Evaluating

03m 0s