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Table of Contents

Chapter: Why You Should Visualize Your Data?

The Course Overview

03m 47s

Visualizing Is Critical to Understanding

05m 37s

Taming Big Data through Visualization

08m 52s

Utilizing Visualization Tools

06m 52s

Chapter: Learn to Create Great Visualizations

Introducing Visualization Best Practices

05m 6s

Designing for Visual Clarity

07m 44s

Driving User Focus

05m 28s

Working with Element Sizing

08m 7s

Employing Color Effectively

06m 32s

Chapter: Know Your Data – Create Exceptional Visualizations

Data Types Overview

07m 39s

Categorical Data

06m 26s

Time Series Data

08m 49s

Point (X-Y) Data

06m 4s

Geospatial Data

09m 1s

Network Data

07m 33s

Unstructured Data

06m 16s

Chapter: Making Simple Charts More Effective

Line Charts

09m 5s

Bar Charts

06m 43s

Scatter Plots

07m 21s

Distribution Plots

06m 29s

Dot Plots

06m 17s