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Table of Contents

Chapter: Installation and Setup

The Course Overview

01m 17s

Getting Started with React

03m 31s

Chapter: Building a To-Do List Application

An Introduction to React

02m 5s

Setting Up a New React Project

07m 42s

Setting Up Webpack

07m 4s

Building the To-Do List App

11m 5s

Making the To-Do List Interactive

07m 27s

Chapter: Building a Database Application

Setting Up the Project

09m 1s

Controlling Forms with State

06m 25s

Working with Immutable Data

08m 50s

Persisting Data

08m 23s

Editing Existing Data

09m 41s

Chapter: Building and Unit Testing an Application Using a Third-Party API

Working with an API

14m 26s

Introducing Unit Testing with Jest

09m 23s

Testing Component Interactions

15m 2s

Testing Components that Communicate with an API

08m 49s

Using Third-Party Components

11m 44s