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Table of Contents

Chapter: eCommercePlumbing

The Course Overview

06m 0s

Setting Up Your Merchant Account

06m 6s

Creating Products and Subscription

08m 26s

Building Order Forms

06m 40s

Chapter: eCommerceAutomation

Implementing an Automated Cart Abandon Follow-Up

08m 58s

Collecting Failed Automated Billing Attempts

09m 13s

Chapter: Advanced Offer Tactics

Creating a One-Click Upsell

12m 6s

Building a One-Click Upsell or Downsell Chain

13m 54s

Creating an Evergreen Sales Funnel with an Expiring Offer

08m 25s

Chapter: Pipeline Fundamentals

Setting Up a Sales Pipeline

16m 8s

Working Sales Opportunities

08m 2s

Building the Perfect Sales Rep Dashboard

13m 16s

Using Round Robins for Sales Teams

08m 48s

Setting Up Lead Scoring

09m 2s

Chapter: Pipeline Workflow Tactics

Saving Time with FAQ Workflows

10m 41s

Merging Custom Opportunity Fields into E-mails

09m 38s

Chapter: Pipeline Automation Tactics

Automating Based on Lead Score Achievement

10m 30s

Building a Long-term Prospect Nurture

20m 38s

Sending Automated Appointment Reminders

11m 54s

Chapter: Common New Customer Tactics

Segmenting by Last Purchase Date

10m 1s

Building a New Customer Welcome Campaign

07m 19s

Creating a Customer Satisfaction Survey

15m 17s

Chapter: Automated Customer Engagement

Asking for Testimonials Automatically

14m 21s

Setting Up aBirthday Collection Mechanism

13m 34s

Building Automated Happy Birthday Messages

11m 0s

Chapter: Re-Engagement Tactics

Updating a Soon-to-be-Expired Credit Card Automatically

11m 37s

Re-engaging Inactive E-mails in Your Database

15m 22s

Building a Vaynerchuk Opt-out

04m 55s

Chapter: Referral Partner Configuration

Setting Up a Basic Referral Partner Program

11m 47s

Building a Referral Partner Sign-Up Form

09m 39s

Collecting W-9 Forms from Referral Partners Automatically

08m 31s