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Table of Contents

Chapter: First-Person Character

The Course Overview

03m 12s

Understanding the Unity Characters

10m 35s

Making First Person

11m 30s

User Calibration

06m 29s

Maintaining Sense of Self

13m 54s

Locomotion, Teleportation, and Sensors

05m 57s

Managing Motion VR Sickness

05m 56s

Chapter: Physics and Environment

Unity Physics

05m 24s

Bouncy Balls

07m 44s


06m 18s

Trampoline and Bricks

02m 53s

A Human Trampoline

06m 17s

Interlude- Environment and Things

06m 8s

Elevator and Jump

05m 35s

Chapter: Walk-Throughs and Rendering

Building in Blender

09m 6s

Assemble the Scene in Unity

12m 20s

Adding Photos to the Gallery

04m 16s

Animated Walk-Through

07m 3s

Optimizing for Performance and Comfort

15m 54s

Chapter: Using All 360 Degrees

360-Degree Media

02m 47s

Crystal Ball

03m 21s

Magic Orbs

05m 29s

Panorama and Infographics

08m 27s

Equirectangular Projections

02m 31s


03m 17s


05m 9s

Field of View

04m 9s

Capturing 360-Degree Media

03m 30s

Chapter: Social VR Meta Verse

Multiplayer Networking

10m 15s

Setting Up a Simple Scene

07m 47s

Adding Multiplayer Networking

09m 50s

Adding a Multiplayer Virtual Network

06m 20s