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Table of Contents

Chapter: REST Fundamentals

The Course Overview

02m 25s

What Is an API?

02m 24s

Communication via HTTP

06m 50s

Identifying REST Resources

04m 28s

Properties of RESTful APIs

06m 51s

Setting Up the Environment

07m 8s

Chapter: Consuming a RESTful API

A Look at OAuth 1.0a

05m 45s

Sample Application Code Architecture

04m 57s

Creating an OAuth Login Request

06m 10s

Getting an Access Token

03m 28s

Exploring Twitter’s REST API

07m 1s

Accessing Cursored Collections with sync.js

08m 8s

Choosing a Database

05m 0s

Saving Data in MongoDB

07m 48s

Chapter: Building a RESTful API

Designing the API Specifications

03m 35s

Creating the API Handlers

07m 16s

Acceptance Testing with Postman

11m 32s

Load Testing and Going Multicore

08m 0s

Testing User-Perceived Performance

07m 52s

Chapter: APIs in the Real World

Facebook Graph API

07m 9s

GitHub API

05m 8s


03m 5s

Chapter: Best Practices

Security Considerations

03m 45s


04m 32s


02m 8s


04m 13s


11m 33s