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Table of Contents

Chapter: Configuring Your Yii2 Application

The Course Overview

07m 34s

ElasticSearch Engine Adapter

03m 53s

Gii Code Generator

05m 47s

PJax jQuery Plugin

04m 12s

Redis Database Driver

03m 11s

Chapter: Extending Yii

Creating Helpers

02m 40s

Creating Model Behaviors

05m 57s

Creating Components

05m 43s

Creating Reusable Controller Actions

04m 19s

Creating Reusable Controllers

02m 24s

Creating a Widget

01m 58s

Creating CLI Commands

03m 12s

Creating Filters

02m 52s

Creating Modules

02m 50s

Creating a Custom View Renderer

03m 15s

Creating a Multilanguage Application

05m 56s

Making Extensions Distribution-Ready

06m 49s

Chapter: Performance Tuning

Following Best Practices

05m 49s

Speeding Up Session Handling

05m 9s

Using Cache Dependencies and Chains

05m 43s

Profiling an Application with Yii

04m 30s

Leveraging HTTP Caching

05m 18s

Combining and Minimizing Assets

04m 44s

Running Yii2 on HHVM

05m 13s

Chapter: Deployment

Changing the Yii Directory Layout

03m 48s

Moving an Application Webroot

02m 9s

Changing an Advanced Application Template

02m 14s

Moving Configuration Parts into Separate Files

02m 10s

Using Multiple Configurations to Simplify the Deployment

05m 5s

Implementing and Executing Cron Jobs

03m 36s

Maintenance Mode

02m 35s

Deployment Tools

05m 30s

Chapter: Testing

Testing Application with Codeception

15m 36s

Unit Testing with PHPUnit

08m 3s

Unit Testing with Atoum

05m 0s

Unit Testing with Behat

04m 11s

Chapter: Debugging, Logging, and Error Handling

Using Different Log Routes

06m 52s

Analyzing the Yii Error Stack Trace

02m 58s

Logging and Using the Context Information

02m 55s

Displaying Custom Errors

03m 44s

Custom Panel for Debug Extension

03m 38s