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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction to Elixir

The Course Overview

03m 23s

What is Elixir?

05m 23s

Functional Programming

04m 25s

Chapter: Basic Types and Operators

Literals and Operators

09m 33s

Collection Types

12m 31s

Chapter: Pattern Matching

Pattern Matching versus Assignment

03m 50s

Forms of Pattern Matching

06m 39s

Chapter: Functions

Functions and Modules

08m 41s

Pattern Matching in Functions

04m 48s

Anonymous Functions

05m 18s

Chapter: Control Flow


04m 15s


06m 41s

Exception Handling

04m 7s

Chapter: IO

Standard IO

03m 45s


04m 6s

Chapter: Tooling

Creating an Application

04m 25s

Importing Dependencies

06m 18s

Running Tests

08m 56s