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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction to Microservices Word

Advantages of Microservices Approach

04m 33s

Disadvantages of Monolithic Applications

03m 9s

Challenges and Problems in Building Microservices

03m 7s

Service Discovery

04m 6s

Deployment - Embedded Containers Versus Server Containers Like Tomcat

04m 1s

Monitoring - Gathering Proper Metrics and Configuring Health Checks

03m 33s

Configuration Service - Storing Services Common Configuration

04m 2s

Log aggregation - Aggregating and Storing Logs from Multiple Instances of Multiple Services

04m 10s

Asynchronous Versus Thread-Per-Request Processing

05m 21s

Microservices Should be Resilient - Tolerating Failures

04m 24s

REST/HTTP as a Communication Protocol

05m 47s

Service Clients Library for Easier Communication Between Services

04m 24s

Chapter: Building Microservices in Play Framework

Start Project Using Play Framework

03m 35s

Introduction to Play Framework

03m 32s

Getting to Know Core API

05m 42s

Creating Controllers of Our Microservice

06m 52s

Writing Test for Controllers

06m 19s

Making Logic Asynchronous and Non-Blocking

09m 25s

Writing Performance Tests for a Microservice

12m 51s