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Table of Contents

Chapter: Building Interactive Charts

The Course Overview

05m 37s

Creating a Motion Chart

04m 13s

Creating a Dynamic Column/Row Trellis Chart

04m 47s

Creating a Top/Bottom N Filter

04m 3s

Comparing One to Everything Else

04m 59s

Dynamically Displaying Dimensions

02m 12s

Dynamically Displaying and Sorting Measures

03m 26s

Chapter: Dashboards and Story Points

Creating a Filter Action

10m 50s

Creating a Highlight Action

05m 29s

Creating a URL Action

05m 54s

Creating an Infographic-Like Dashboard

05m 44s

Creating Story Points

05m 3s

Chapter: Maps and Geospatial Visualization

Adding Data Layers to the Default Map

03m 46s

Creating Custom Territories

05m 43s

Working with Web Map Service (WMS)

03m 15s

Using Path to Display Movement on a Map

07m 12s

Importing Custom Geocoding

04m 7s

Using a Custom Image Background

05m 13s

Chapter: Analytics

Adding a Constant Line

03m 57s

Adding a Trend Line

04m 34s

Using a Reference Line

04m 34s

Adding a Reference Band

02m 58s

Performing Cluster Analysis

02m 48s

Visualizing Forecast

02m 42s

Performing Linear Regression with R

06m 8s