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Table of Contents

Chapter: Strategies for Upgrading to Angular 2

The Course Overview

02m 54s

Componentizing Directives Using the controllerAs Encapsulation

08m 32s

Migrating an Application to Component Directives

05m 51s

Implementing a Basic Component in AngularJS 1.5

03m 36s

Normalizing Service Types

03m 34s

Connecting Angular 1 and Angular 2 with UpgradeModule

05m 25s

Downgrading Angular 2 components to Angular 1 directives with downgradeComponent

04m 23s

Downgrading Angular 2 Providers to Angular 1 Services with downgradeInjectable

03m 18s

Chapter: Conquering Components and Directives

Using Decorators to Build and Style a Simple Component

13m 23s

Passing Members from a Parent Component to a Child Component

11m 40s

Binding to Native Element Attributes

02m 43s

Registering Handlers on Native Browser Events

03m 41s

Generating and Capturing Custom Events Using EventEmitter

08m 23s

Attaching Behavior to DOM Elements with Directives

06m 1s

Projecting Nested Content Using ngContent

04m 32s

Using ngFor and ngIf Structural Directives for Model-Based DOM Control

05m 11s

Referencing Elements Using Template Variables

04m 59s

Attribute Property Binding

04m 19s

Utilizing Component Life Cycle Hooks

03m 26s

Referencing a Parent Component from a Child Component

03m 7s

Configuring Mutual Parent-Child Awareness with ViewChild and forwardRef

07m 20s

Configuring Mutual Parent-Child Awareness with ContentChild and forwardRef

07m 4s

Chapter: Building Template-Driven and Reactive Forms

Implementing Simple Two-Way Data Binding with ngModel

08m 1s

Implementing Basic Field Validation with a FormControl

08m 18s

Bundling Controls with a FormGroup

07m 14s

Bundling FormControls with a FormArray

06m 18s

Implementing Basic Forms with NgForm

09m 28s

Implementing Basic Forms with FormBuilder and formControlName

08m 55s

Creating and Using a Custom Validator

09m 55s

Creating and Using a Custom Asynchronous Validator with Promises

06m 47s