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Table of Contents

Chapter: The Elastic Stack

The Course Overview

07m 40s

The Elastic Family

07m 32s

Making Sense of Your Data

05m 42s

Installing and Starting Elasticsearch

05m 0s

Installing and Starting Logstash and Kibana

11m 18s

Chapter: Elasticsearch - Full-Text Search and Analytics Engine

Basic Concepts of Elasticsearch

06m 10s

Elasticsearch APIs

03m 55s

Query DSL and Mapping

09m 43s

Aggregations Using Elasticsearch

05m 37s

Elasticsearch Analyzers

03m 21s

Scripting in Elasticsearch

07m 39s

Chapter: Collect, Parse, and Transform with Logstash

Stashing with Logstash

08m 13s

Logstash Plugins

02m 7s

APIs for Logstash

04m 2s

Chapter: Finding Insights with Kibana

Building Kibana Interface

05m 58s

Visualizing Data with Kibana

06m 7s

Building Dashboards with Kibana

02m 19s

Featuring Kibana 5

06m 4s

Chapter: Building Data Pipeline with Elastic Stack

Configuring Logstash Input

02m 38s

Filtering and Processing Input

00m 53s

Loading Data to Elasticsearch

02m 51s

Discover Using Kibana

03m 54s

Chapter: Elastic Stack Success Stories


03m 50s


02m 52s

Orange and Tango

04m 29s