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Table of Contents

Chapter: Installation and Setup

The Course Overview

02m 19s

Installing Unity, UFPS, and SabreCSG

14m 26s

Chapter: Unity Introduction

Unity Interface, Windows, and Menus

08m 47s

Navigation in the Unity Editor

05m 31s

File Organization

03m 29s

Chapter: Creating a Testbed

Creating a Testbed Level

06m 40s

Removing Weapons

07m 32s

Customizing Unity’s Layout

03m 42s

Chapter: Protyping Levels

Introduction to Level Design

08m 32s

Creating Geometry

07m 53s

Building a Doorway

02m 51s

Duplicating Rooms/ Creating a Hallway

06m 8s

Preventing Falls

05m 22s

Building stairways

10m 15s

Chapter: Creating Exterior Environments

Introduction to Terrain

05m 10s

Creating Terrains

18m 13s

Adding Water, Trees, and Grass

10m 48s

Building Atmosphere

10m 6s

Chapter: Adding Polish

Creating Materials

08m 12s

Placing Materials on Brush Faces

12m 29s

Meshing Your Levels

05m 53s