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Table of Contents

Chapter: Building Web Applications with Aurelia

Walkthrough of the Todo List Application

05m 29s

Setting Up the Development Environment

34m 25s

Aurelia CLI

07m 53s

Bootstrapping Aurelia

04m 39s

Hello World from Aurelia

34m 33s

Chapter: Modern Web Application

Modules and Promises

24m 29s


10m 11s

Web Components

04m 49s


15m 50s

Chapter: A Whirlwind Tour of Aurelia Features – Part 1

Creating a Todo Application Project

32m 51s

Adding an In-memory Todo Repository/ Service

48m 43s


50m 45s

Styling Using MaterializeCSS

33m 36s

Chapter: A whirlwind tour of Aurelia Features – Part 2

Persisting Todos

20m 6s


33m 44s

Using pub/ Sub for Communication

20m 10s

Chapter: Introduction to Dependency Injection (DI)

Dependency Injection (DI) in Aurelia

08m 24s

Declarative and Explicit Registration

13m 27s


40m 2s