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Table of Contents

Chapter: Exploring Visual Studio 2015

The Course Overview

05m 39s

Synchronizing Settings

06m 3s

Touring the VS2015 IDE

08m 31s

Managing the Editor Windows

09m 3s

Finding Visual Studio Commands

03m 12s

Searching and Navigating

04m 24s

Navigating in Depth

05m 51s

Chapter: Getting Started with Universal Windows Platform Apps

Enabling UWP App Development on Windows 10

04m 34s

Creating a UWP App

08m 17s

Customizing Your UWP App

08m 26s

Using the UWP App Simulator

11m 19s

Defining Capabilities and Contracts

10m 29s

Analyzing Your App's Performance

04m 53s

Packaging Your UWP App

05m 45s

Validating Your Windows Store App

04m 19s

Submitting Your App to the Windows Store

06m 31s

Distributing Your UWP App Through Side-Loading

05m 53s

Chapter: Web Development

Getting started with a Bootstrap-Based SPA

07m 3s

Making the Most of Browser Link

04m 50s

Adding Bundling and Minification to JavaScript and CSS Files

06m 28s

Managing Packages with NuGet

09m 46s

Fortifying JavaScript Applications with TypeScript

06m 19s

Using Visual Studio for Node.js Development

09m 33s

Chapter: .NET Framework Development

Creating a Task-Based WCF Service

07m 16s

Unit Testing .NET Applications

11m 22s

Sharing Class Libraries Across Different Runtimes

08m 1s

Detecting Duplicate Code

04m 36s

Exploring C# Through the Immediate Window

06m 50s

Chapter: Debugging Your .NET Application

Putting Diagnostic Tools to Work

09m 5s

Maximizing Everyday Debugging

06m 20s

Debugging on Remote Machines and Tablets App

17m 36s

Debugging Parallel Code

06m 18s

Visualizing Concurrency

06m 18s