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Table of Contents

Chapter: Asynchrony in .NET

The Course Overview

03m 34s

Making Your Code Asynchronous

09m 2s

Understanding Asynchrony and Universal Windows Platform Apps

05m 52s

Using Asynchrony with Web Applications

06m 0s

Working with actors and the TPL Dataflow Library

06m 13s

Chapter: Unwrapping C++ Development

Using XAML with C++

09m 18s

Unit Testing C++ Applications

06m 34s

Analyzing Your C++ Code

03m 31s

Using a Custom Ruleset

04m 22s

Edit and Continue C++ Style

04m 38s

Working with DirectX in Visual Studio 2015

08m 18s

Creating a Shader Using DGSL

05m 6s

Creating and Displaying a 3D Model

04m 2s

Using the Visual Studio Graphics Diagnostics

04m 47s

Chapter: Working with Team Foundation Server 2015

Creating a New TFS Project

07m 49s

Managing Your Work

09m 17s

Using Local Workspaces for Source Control

10m 27s

Performing Code Reviews

09m 17s

Getting Feedback from Your Users

05m 26s

Using Git for Source Control

11m 47s

Taking Advantage of Git's Command Line

04m 53s

Chapter: Languages

Fortifying JavaScript Applications with TypeScript

05m 59s

Integrating Python into Visual Studio

06m 53s

Integrating Python with .NET

05m 11s

Targeting Linux with Visual Studio 2015

08m 8s

Chapter: Final Polish

Creating installer packages with InstallShield LE

07m 36s

Creating Custom installer packages

06m 23s

Creating Visual Studio Add-ins and Extensions

05m 19s

Creating Your Own Snippets

05m 31s