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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Welcome To The Course

00m 45s

About The Author

00m 28s

Course Curriculum Overview

00m 33s

Chapter: Overview Of Spark 2.0

What Is Spark

01m 7s

Why Spark 2.0 DataFrames

00m 29s

Chapter: DataFrame Basics

Jupyter Notebook Overview

02m 57s

Python Review Part One

08m 10s

Python Review Part Two

08m 8s

Creating A DataFrame

02m 29s

Data Input

03m 0s

Data Output

02m 59s

Getting DataFrame Information

02m 17s

Selecting Columns And Rows

03m 0s

Creating and Renaming Columns

03m 57s

Using SQL With DataFrames

02m 27s

Filtering The Data

04m 51s

Chapter: Spark DataFrame Dates And Timestamps

Introduction To Date And Timestamps

00m 15s

Working With Dates

04m 22s

Working With Timestamps

04m 3s

Chapter: Spark DataFrame Aggregate Operations

Introduction To Aggregate And GroupBy Concepts

00m 23s

Spark GroupBy Method

03m 7s

Spark Built In Aggregate Methods

03m 25s

Sorting And Ordering

01m 34s

Chapter: Spark DataFrame Working With Missing Data

Introduction To Missing Data

00m 21s

Dropping Data

04m 24s

Filling Missing Data

02m 46s

Chapter: Spark DataFrame Exercises

Introduction To Exercises

00m 34s

Exercise Solutions

04m 4s

Chapter: Thank You

What Is Next And Where To Go From Here

00m 24s