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Table of Contents

Exposing Agile Architecture: An Outlook

00m 25s

The Anatomy of Analysis Tools

27m 2s

Basic Visualization Principles

20m 53s

Software Visualization

36m 19s

Evaluating a Refactoring Path: A Visualizing Agile Architecture Case Study

07m 42s

Communicating Activity: Visualizing Agile Architecture Case Studies

08m 55s

Recovering a Mapping: A Visualizing Agile Architecture Case Study

05m 9s

Evaluating the Cause of A Peak Problem: A Visualization Case Study for Agile Architecture

06m 17s

Software Visualization As A Transformation: Demo

05m 44s

Software Visualization As An Opportunity: Demo

04m 59s

Visual tools for software development

00m 0s

Exposing Agile Architecture: A Summary

03m 27s