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Table of Contents

Chapter: Automation Architecture, Installation and Identity Management

The Course Overview

02m 37s

vRealize Automation overview

14m 42s

vRealize Automation Components

07m 14s

vRealize Automation Endpoints

02m 58s

vRealize Automation Appliance Services

00m 4s

vRealize Automation IaaS Server Services

06m 5s

vRealize Automation DEM Services

03m 53s

Integration with Other VMware Products

08m 36s

Identity Management Overview

05m 17s

Different Authentication Methods and Setups

09m 8s

Role Definitions in vRealize Automation

08m 18s

Chapter: Automation Tenant Management

Tenant Management

03m 20s

Tenant Creation

05m 41s

Per-Tenant Permissions

03m 10s

Endpoint Definition and Creation

04m 20s

Fabric Group

02m 50s

Business Groups

01m 59s

Reservations and Reservation Policies

06m 29s

Chapter: Basic IaaS Blueprints and How They Are Shared with Users

Blueprint Overview (Incl. Different Platforms)

06m 5s

Simple Blueprint (Single Machine)

05m 47s

Multi-Machine Blueprint

04m 40s

Catalog Overview

03m 42s

Catalog Item Creation

02m 24s

Entitlement and Catalog Management

03m 47s

Chapter: Expanding States with Jinja and Pillar

Approval Overview

04m 6s

Approval Policy Level

06m 37s

Creating and Applying Approval Policies

04m 50s

Application Authoring Overview

05m 13s

Author an Application Blueprint

07m 17s

Deploying an Application Blueprint

05m 24s

Chapter: Extensibility Tools and integrating vRealize Orchestrator with vRealize Automation

Extensibility Tools Overview

04m 30s

Extensibility Use Cases

04m 52s

Custom Properties and Property Dictionary

09m 47s

vRealize Orchestrator Overview

06m 52s

vRealize Orchestrator Integration and IaaS Example

11m 33s

vRealize Orchestrator XaaS Example

06m 12s

Chapter: Event Broker Services and Day 2 Operations

Event Broker Overview

03m 35s

Event Types and Phases

02m 55s

Event Broker Integration in vRealize Orchestrator

10m 12s

Day 2 Operations Overview

04m 22s

Default Day 2 Operations

05m 29s

Extensibility and Day 2 Operations

04m 39s

Approval on Day 2 Operations

04m 29s