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Table of Contents

Chapter: Delphi Basics

The Course Overview

05m 31s

Applying VCL Styles to Your Application

05m 2s

Changing the Style of Your VCL Application at Runtime

04m 54s

Customizing TDBGrid

07m 2s

Using Owner Draw Combos and Listboxes

04m 40s

Making an Owner Draw Control Aware of the VCL Styles

07m 13s

Creating a Stack of Embedded Forms

05m 48s

Chapter: More on Delphi Basics

Manipulating JSON

06m 1s

Manipulating and Transforming XML Documents

08m 43s

Knowing the Streams

06m 50s

Creating a Windows Service

07m 51s

Associating a File Extension on Windows

05m 43s

Be Coherent with the Windows Look and Feel Using TTaskDialog

10m 47s

Chapter: Becoming a Delphi Language Ninja

Higher-order Functions and Enumerable Types

10m 55s

Configuring Your Class with RTTI

05m 56s

Duck Typing Using RTTI

05m 46s

Creating Helpers for Your Classes

07m 15s

Chapter: Knowing Your Friends – the Delphi RTL

Check Strings with Regular Expressions

09m 29s

Using Native HTTP(S) Client Libraries for RESTful Services

09m 54s

Using System.Net Encodings

08m 5s

Using System.Zip and Publish/Subscribe Mechanism

09m 41s

Chapter: Going cross platform with FireMonkey

Applying Styles to Standard FireMonkey Controls

10m 3s

Creating a Styled TListBox

06m 43s

Impressing Your Clients with Animations

05m 54s

Using Master/Details with LiveBindings

12m 9s

Showing Complex Vector Shapes Using Paths

07m 40s

Using FireMonkey in a VCL Application

07m 43s

Reinventing Your GUI

10m 39s