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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started with AWS

The Course Overview

03m 36s

Installation and Setup

07m 52s

Introduction to AWS

06m 58s

AWS Management Console Walkthrough

03m 20s

AWS Lambda

04m 52s

AWS API Gateway

04m 54s

Chapter: Exploring the Serverless Framework

The Serverless Framework

03m 47s

Creating a Serverless Project

07m 59s

Programming a Lambda Function with Node.js

05m 14s

Testing and Debugging Lambda Functions

08m 12s

Chapter: Building a Serverless Application

Building a Stateless Serverless Web Application Backend

13m 59s

Stateful Serverless Backend with DynamoDB

21m 38s

Creating a Web Client

05m 24s

Deploying a Serverless Frontend on CloudFront

06m 1s

Chapter: Programming AWS Lambda with Java

Getting Started with Eclipse and the AWS Eclipse Plugin

08m 4s

Deploying and Testing AWS Lambda Functions

06m 43s

Lambda Function with S3 Event Input

07m 47s

Creating a Simple Serverless Java Application

17m 38s

Chapter: Programming AWS Lambda with Python

Creating a Python Lambda Function

10m 17s

Using the Serverless Framework with Python

04m 59s

Building a Serverless Backend with Python

13m 37s

Chapter: Programming AWS Lambda with C#

Creating a C# Lambda Function with .NET Core

09m 54s

Creating a C# Serverless Project with .NET Core

08m 35s