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Table of Contents

Chapter: The Basic Setup

The Course Overview

03m 32s

Installation and Setup

04m 50s

Visual Studio VULKAN Project

02m 32s

The First VULKAN Window

02m 5s

The WinMain Function

03m 41s

Creating and Showing the First VULKAN Window

02m 19s

The Messaging in Window Systems

04m 2s

Chapter: The VULKAN Elements

VULKAN Instance

13m 15s

VULKAN Surface

04m 29s

VULKAN Devices

08m 49s

VULKAN Swap-Chain

06m 10s


06m 3s


03m 42s

VULKAN Framebuffers

07m 14s

Chapter: VULKAN Shaders and Pipelines

First VULKAN Output

10m 18s

VULKAN Vertex Buffer

08m 48s

Vertex Shader

05m 4s

Fragment Shader

02m 36s

Loading the Shaders

12m 47s

Descriptors and Bindings

06m 52s

VULKAN Pipelines

15m 56s

The Final Render-Call

11m 53s