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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started

Course Overview

03m 29s

Adding Styles to Text and Containers

07m 15s

Using Images to Mimic a Video Player

04m 19s

Creating the Toggle Button

04m 44s

Displaying a List of Items

05m 22s

Adding Tabs to Viewport

03m 7s

Using Flexbox to Create a Profile Page

05m 41s

Setting Up a Navigator

07m 22s

Chapter: Implementing Complex User Interfaces

Creating the Reusable Button with Theme Support

06m 40s

Building a Complex Layout for Tablets Using Flexbox

08m 29s

Including Custom Fonts on iOS

04m 51s

Including Custom Fonts on Android

03m 24s

Using Font Icons

04m 19s

Dealing With Universal Apps

08m 32s

Detecting Orientation Changes

06m 27s

Using WebView to Open External Websites

05m 54s

Rendering Simple HTML Elements Using Native Components

02m 39s

Creating Form Component

05m 19s

Chapter: Animating User Interface

Simple Animations

07m 40s

Running Several Animations at the Same Time

03m 48s

Animating Notifications

08m 21s

Expanding and Collapsing Containers

05m 36s

Loading Animation

04m 41s

Removing Items from List Components

08m 23s

Creating a Facebook Reaction Widget

07m 8s

Displaying Images in Full Screen

07m 42s

Chapter: Working with Application Logic and Data

Storing and Retrieving Data Locally

05m 22s

Retrieving Data from a Remote API

03m 12s

Sending Data to a Remote API

03m 25s

Establishing Real-Time Communications with Websockets

05m 39s

Integrating Persistent Database Functionality with Realm

03m 34s

Masking the Application upon Network Connection Loss

04m 10s

Synchronizing Locally Persisted Data with a Remote API

03m 54s

Logging in with Facebook

05m 56s

Sharing Content on Facebook

02m 18s

Tracking Application Events with Facebook Analytics

03m 30s

Chapter: Implementing Redux

Installing Redux

04m 26s

Defining Actions

02m 31s

Defining Reducers

04m 3s

Setting Up the Store

02m 58s

Communicating with a Remote API

06m 22s

Connecting the Store with the Views

05m 9s

Storing Offline Content Using Redux

02m 25s

Showing Network Connectivity Status

05m 7s