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Table of Contents

Chapter: Testing

The Course Overview

03m 25s

Using docstring for Testing

10m 17s

Testing Functions that Raise Exceptions

04m 9s

Handling Common doctest Issues

06m 11s

Creating Separate Test Modules and Packages

04m 34s

Combining the unittest and doctest Tests

04m 39s

Testing Things that Involve Dates and Time

05m 41s

Testing Things That Involve Randomness

06m 7s

Mocking External Resources

14m 13s

Chapter: Web Services

Implementing Web Services with WSGI

18m 35s

Using the Flask Framework for RESTful APIs

09m 36s

Parsing the Query String in a Request

04m 59s

Making REST Requests Using urllib

11m 57s

Parsing the URL Path

15m 54s

Parsing a JSON Request

10m 47s

Implementing Authentications for Web Services

14m 45s

Chapter: Application Integration

Finding Configuration Files

10m 37s

Using YAML for Configuration Files

08m 47s

Using Python for Configuration Files

07m 16s

Using Logging for Control and Audit Output

07m 10s

Combining Two Applications into One

08m 7s

Combining Many Applications Using the Command Design Pattern

07m 34s

Controlling Complex Sequences of Steps

08m 47s