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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Welcome To The Course

02m 54s

About The Author

03m 42s

Course Overview

07m 3s

Microsoft's SQL Server

08m 9s

SQL Server 2016 Certifications

07m 52s

Examples And Code

03m 17s

Chapter: SQL Server Basics

SQL Server Platform Acronyms

07m 18s

SQL Server Editions

06m 13s

Understanding Databases

08m 15s

Database Structures

08m 19s


05m 36s

Chapter: Getting And Installing SQL Server 2016

Getting SQL Server 2016

08m 13s

Installing SQL Server 2016

10m 23s

Installing SQL Server Management Studio

04m 46s

Attaching The Sample Database

07m 32s

Verifying The Installation

05m 6s

Chapter: SQL Server Security

SQL Server Security Overview

07m 27s

Server Level Security

08m 47s

Restarting SQL Server

05m 12s

Creating Logins

07m 52s

Database Level Security

06m 47s

Database User Account Types

08m 24s

Cross Server Authorization

07m 48s

Partially Contained Databases

06m 23s

Dynamic Data Masking

06m 44s

DDM Example Part - 1

05m 42s

DDM Example Part - 2

08m 0s

Chapter: SQL Server Roles

Understanding Roles

07m 31s

Fixed Server Roles

06m 23s

Fixed Database Roles

05m 30s

User-Defined Roles

06m 2s

Grant, Revoke, And Deny

04m 36s

Schema Level Permissions

05m 51s

Chapter: Encryption

SQL Server Encryption Basics Part - 1

09m 57s

SQL Server Encryption Basics Part - 2

08m 23s

Dark Side Of Encryption

06m 58s

Asymmetric Vs. Symmetric

06m 24s

Encryption Options

06m 13s

Encrypting Backups Part - 1

07m 10s

Encrypting Backups Part - 2

06m 16s

Transparent Data Encryption

07m 29s

Implementing TDE

08m 24s

Always Encrypted

09m 44s

Implementing Always Encrypted

05m 47s

Chapter: Index Management

Index Management Basics Part - 1

10m 13s

Index Management Basics Part - 2

04m 15s

Identifying Fragmentation

06m 43s

Repairing Fragmentation

06m 18s

Database Engine Tuning Advisor - Part 1

10m 40s

Database Engine Tuning Advisor - Part 2

05m 12s

Chapter: Backup And Restore

Backup Plan

09m 47s

Backup Types

07m 37s

Understanding Recovery Models

09m 45s

Copy-Only Backups

10m 9s

Backup Terminology

05m 41s

System Database Backups

06m 45s

Transaction Log Basics

09m 19s

Transaction Log Backups

08m 55s

Tail-Log Backups

04m 36s

Restoring Databases

10m 48s

Restoring With SSMS

04m 58s

Recovering The Master DB

07m 37s

Point In Time Recovery

06m 22s

Understanding Log Shipping

05m 34s

Chapter: Monitoring SQL Server

Performance And Monitoring Part - 1

10m 7s

Performance And Monitoring Part - 2

05m 46s

Session Identification Overview

07m 35s

Identifying Blocking Sessions Part - 1

09m 31s

Identifying Blocking Sessions Part - 2

05m 48s

Understanding UCPs

07m 46s

Data Collector Basics

05m 25s

Data Collector Configuration

07m 37s

Query Store Basics

08m 22s

Understanding Extended Events

06m 44s

Creating An Extended Event Part - 1

08m 48s

Creating An Extended Event Part - 2

02m 42s

Editing An Extended Event

07m 8s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up

06m 1s