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Table of Contents

Chapter: Implementing an RTS-Style Free Roaming Camera

The Course Overview

01m 13s

Creating a New Pawn Class for Controlling the Camera

09m 27s

Implementing Keyboard Controls through Key Bindings

11m 53s

Implementing Camera Zoom

12m 42s

Chapter: Implement Selecting NPCs Using Mouse Input

Modifying Top Down Character Template Class to Serve as Basis for an Infantry Unit

11m 15s

Implementing Selection of NPCs Using Mouse Input

14m 24s

Utilizing Material Instancing and Decals for User Interface (UI) Feedback of Mouse Input

10m 3s

Chapter: Implementing Basic AI for NPC Movement

Creating an AIController and Input Action for Controlling NPC Movement

08m 1s

Implementing Responses to Mouse Input through Visual Feedback in UI

12m 0s

Implementing Utilization of AIController to Have NPCs Path to a Desired Location

13m 11s

Chapter: Modifying Navigation Mesh (Nav Mesh) Data to Implement Varied Gameplay

Utilizing Navigation Settings on Actor's

13m 12s

Modifying Nav Mesh Data with Nav Mesh Bounds Volume

06m 47s

Customizing Pathfinding with Nav Link Proxy

11m 42s