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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction to Jupyter

The Course Overview

03m 41s

First Look at Jupyter

04m 38s

Installing Jupyter on Windows

02m 56s

Installing Jupyter on Mac

00m 46s

Notebook Structure, Workflow, andBasic Operations

10m 52s

Security and Configuration Operations in Jupyter

03m 28s

Chapter: Jupyter Python scripting

Basic Python in Jupyter

04m 12s

Python Data Access in Jupyter

02m 10s

Python pandas in Jupyter

01m 44s

Python Graphics in Jupyter

01m 51s

Python Random Numbers in Jupyter

01m 15s

Chapter: Jupyter R scripting

Adding R Scripting to Your Installation

04m 33s

Basic R in Jupyter

02m 3s

R Dataset Access and Visualization in Jupyter

03m 1s

R Cluster Analysis and Forecasting

03m 11s

Chapter: Jupyter Julia Scripting

Adding Julia Scripting to Your Installation

03m 21s

Basic Julia in Jupyter

02m 42s

Julia Limitations and Standard Capabilities

02m 33s

Julia Visualizations in Jupyter

01m 50s

Julia Vega Plotting and Parallel Processing

02m 34s

Julia Control Flow, Regular Expressions, and Unit Testing

04m 33s

Chapter: Jupyter JavaScript Coding

Adding JavaScript Scripting to Your Installation

02m 29s

JavaScript Hello World Jupyter Notebook

02m 14s

Basic JavaScript in Jupyter

02m 15s

Node.js stats-analysis Package and JSON Handling

02m 24s

Node.js plotly Package

01m 50s

Node.js Asynchronous Threads

01m 32s

Node.js decision-tree Package

02m 34s