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Table of Contents

Chapter: Installation and Setup

The Course Overview

04m 9s

Installing Stack on Windows

07m 43s

Installing Stack on Mac OS

06m 33s

Installing Stack on Linux

05m 24s

Chapter: The FP and Haskell Buzz

Problems FP and Haskell Can Address

06m 30s

The FP Way

10m 54s

The Haskell Way

09m 7s

Chapter: Exploring Haskell

Our First Haskell Programs

15m 42s

Whitespace, Layout, and Scoping

08m 38s

GHCi and Interactive Haskell

08m 55s

Debugging with GHCi

11m 30s

Chapter: Haskell in Depth

Values and Expressions

24m 39s

Types and Type Signatures

18m 42s

Algebraic Data Types

11m 46s

Type Classes

16m 56s

Pattern Matching

12m 28s