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Table of Contents

Chapter: Learning Recursion

The Course Overview

02m 46s

Exploring Recursion

04m 8s

Using Tail Recursion

07m 14s

Recursion in a Functional Approach Using LINQ Aggregate

02m 38s

Chapter: Optimizing the Code Using Laziness and Caching Techniques

Introduction to Laziness

10m 47s

Caching Expensive Resources

07m 7s

Chapter: Working with Pattern

Dissecting Pattern Matching in Functional Programming

09m 26s

Introducing Monad as a Design Pattern

10m 17s

Chapter: Taking an Action in C# Functional Programming

Developing Functional Programming in Windows Forms and Creating the Code behind It

05m 50s

Creating the Engine Code in an Imperative Approach

07m 39s

Creating the Engine Code in the Functional Approach

04m 21s

Chapter: Coding Best Practice and Testing the Functional Code

Coding Best Practices in Functional C#

09m 34s

Separating the Code from Domain Logic and Mutable Shell

08m 5s

Running Domain Logic in Unit Testing and Adding the Mutable Shell into Code

08m 0s