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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started with Python

The Course Overview

03m 55s

Getting started with Python

26m 22s

Getting Data using the Twitter API

20m 47s

Collecting and Storing Tweets

09m 26s

Database Design

10m 30s

Pandas and Databases

05m 55s

Chapter: Numerical Computing with Pandas

Panda Series, Dataframes, and Columnar Operations

21m 21s

Grouping Operations and Working with Date Columns

17m 1s

Merging Operations and Exporting data to JSON/CSV

14m 54s

Chapter: Scientific Computing with NumPy/SciPy

Array Features, Bucketting Arrays and Histogram Functions

21m 2s

Simple Aggregations

21m 23s

Linear Algebra

04m 29s

Chapter: Presenting stories via simple visualizations

Introducting PyQT and MatplotLib

31m 47s

Creating Charts

07m 35s

Simple XY Plots with Axis Scales

04m 47s

Chapter: Using the NLTK Package

Introduction to the NTLK Package

19m 0s

Bag of Words

21m 33s

Classification of Words

09m 26s


11m 53s

Simple Sentiment Analysis

05m 42s

Chapter: Getting insights from tweets

Grouping By Dimensions and Classification of Data Types

25m 8s

Trend Analysis and Deriving New Metrics

20m 28s

Correlation Analysis

17m 28s

Course Summary

03m 42s