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Table of Contents

Chapter: AirWatch Architecture

The Course Overview

02m 19s

What is AirWatch?

03m 40s

SaaS and On-Premise Offerings

04m 15s

Basic Components Overview

02m 54s

Optional Components Overview

06m 19s

Chapter: Introduction to the Airwatch Apps

AirWatch Agent

03m 31s

AirWatch Boxer and AirWatch Inbox

03m 6s

AirWatch Browser

02m 6s

AirWatch Container

02m 44s

Chapter: Working with the AirWatch Console and Initial Configuration

AirWatch Console Overview

05m 47s

Initializing Configuration and Customization

12m 35s

Working with Organization Groups

07m 34s

Adding Users to AirWatch

07m 51s

Chapter: Working with Devices

Enrolling Devices

04m 1s

Managing Devices

03m 39s

Deploying Configuration Profiles to Devices

05m 26s

Working with Security Policies

04m 28s

Chapter: Mobile Application Management

Managing Public Applications

03m 51s

Managing Web Applications

02m 33s

Managing Enterprise Applications

03m 6s

Apple Volume Purchasing Program

03m 13s

Working with the AirWatch Catalog

03m 52s

Chapter: Managing Content with AirWatch

Content within the Admin Console

07m 5s

Working with Content Repositories

03m 44s

Accessing Content from Devices

02m 38s