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Table of Contents

Chapter: Configuring a Router

The Course Overview

04m 40s

Setting Up the Physical Network

02m 21s

Configuring IPv4

02m 53s

Configuring IPv4 Permanently

02m 23s

Connecting Two Networks

05m 25s

Enabling NAT to the Outside

04m 49s

Setting Up DHCP

06m 3s

Setting Up a Firewall with iptables

02m 52s

Setting Up Port Forwarding

02m 20s

Adding VLAN Tagging

05m 14s

Chapter: Configuring DNS

Setting Up Your System to Talk to a nameserver

04m 23s

Setting Up a Local Recursive Resolver

04m 59s

Configuring Dynamic DNS on Your Local Network

04m 42s

Setting Up a nameserver for Your Public Domain

04m 40s

Setting Up a Slave nameserver

03m 40s

Chapter: Configuring IPv6

Setting Up an IPv6 Tunnel Via Hurricane Electric

04m 58s

Using ip6tables to Firewall Your IPv6 Traffic

02m 58s

Route an IPv6 netblock to Your Local Network

03m 9s

Chapter: Remote Access

Installing OpenSSH

06m 54s

Using OpenSSH as a Basic Shell Client

02m 20s

Using OpenSSH to Forward Defined Ports

03m 23s

Using OpenSSH as a SOCKS Proxy

02m 12s

Using OpenVPN

06m 36s

Chapter: Web Servers

Configuring Apache with TLS

05m 10s

Improving Scaling with the Worker MPM

05m 4s

Setting Up PHP Using an Apache Module

02m 34s

Securing Your Web Applications Using mod_security

03m 2s

Configuring NGINX with TLS

03m 33s

Setting Up PHP in NGINX with FastCGI

04m 48s