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Table of Contents

Chapter: Basic JavaScript Fundamentals

The Course Overview

05m 32s

Introduction to JavaScript

09m 41s

Basic JavaScript Syntax

08m 35s


08m 46s


10m 52s

Chapter: Loops and Conditional Branching

For Loop

05m 36s

While and Do While Loops

08m 49s

if Statement

07m 39s

Switch Statement

06m 43s

Chapter: The Document Object Model (DOM)

What Is the DOM?

07m 45s

Accessing the DOM

08m 20s

Manipulating the DOM

12m 6s

Chapter: What Is jQuery

jquery Fundamentals

06m 55s

Using jQuery: Local Versus CDN

11m 52s

Basic jQuery Example

08m 11s

Chapter: Manipulating the DOM with jQuery

Accessing Elements on the DOM

07m 12s

Updating Elements and Content

07m 37s

Inserting Elements and Content

07m 13s

Chapter: More jQuery Fun

Playing with Forms

09m 50s


07m 51s

A Quick Look at Events

07m 35s