Books & Videos

Table of Contents

Chapter: Installation and Setup

The Course Overview

03m 26s

Installing JIRA Software

08m 34s

Chapter: Creating the Agile Development Environment

The Agile Manifesto and Principles

07m 16s

The History and Story of Agile

10m 12s


09m 13s

Scrum in JIRA Overview

12m 10s


12m 36s

Kanban in JIRA Overview

10m 4s

Chapter: Establishing the Correct Roles

A Day in the Life of Amelia

18m 33s

A Day in Our Life

13m 2s

A Day in the Life of Mike

12m 2s

Chapter: Planning Product Roadmap and Scheduling Releases

Epics, Features, and User Stories

09m 58s

Weighted Shortest Job First

08m 3s

Release Planning

06m 51s

Chapter: Managing Your Product with an End-to-End Approach

Hypothesis and Measurement Approach

16m 53s

The Feedback Process

08m 13s