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Table of Contents

Chapter: Advanced Application Deployment

The Course Overview

03m 14s

Working with the Application Model

16m 15s

Using Powershell to Manage Your Applications

05m 2s

Using Third-Party Tooling to Create Your Apps

08m 38s

Troubleshooting the Application Model

11m 34s

Chapter: Third-party Patch Management

Why Third-party Patch Management

04m 37s

Configuring and Integrating System Center Updates Publisher

11m 45s

Deploying Third-party Updates

10m 9s

Chapter: Securing System Center Configuration Manager

UI Components Overview

01m 43s

Configuring the PKI Components for Configuration Manager

07m 12s

Configuring the Configuration Manager to Support HTTPS

05m 37s

Validating if Everything is Configured Correctly

03m 37s

Chapter: Mac OS X Management in Configuration Manager

Preparing Configuration Manager for Mac OS X Support

03m 20s

Configuring Mac OS X Support

04m 5s

Enrolling Mac’s

05m 44s

Applications, Inventory, and Settings

17m 40s