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Table of Contents

Chapter: Design Patterns

The Course Overview

01m 54s

Targeting Platform Versions

04m 59s

Support the Library and Factory Pattern

04m 43s

Running and Testing an App

06m 56s

The Abstract Factory Pattern

04m 51s

Chapter: Creational Patterns

Applying Themes

03m 18s

Customizing Color and Text

02m 19s

Adding Image Resources

03m 43s

Creating Card View

09m 29s

Applying a Builder Pattern

02m 39s

Chapter: Material Patterns

The App Bar

08m 5s

The Navigation Drawer

10m 12s

The Singleton Pattern

01m 57s

Chapter: Layout Patterns

Linear Layouts

03m 57s

Relative Layouts

02m 35s

Screen Rotation

02m 2s

Large Screen Layout

06m 20s

The Strategy Pattern

04m 7s

Chapter: Structural Patterns

Generating List

01m 49s

List Item Layouts

01m 45s

Connecting Data

01m 19s

Translating String Resources

03m 29s

The Adapter Pattern

02m 51s

The Bridge Pattern

02m 31s

Facade Pattern

03m 3s

The Criteria Pattern

02m 50s

Chapter: Activating Patterns

Collapsing Toolbar

04m 40s

Applying the Data Factory Pattern

01m 29s

Positioning Item Layouts

01m 55s

Using Factory with Recycler View

03m 11s

Adding Dividers

02m 15s

Configuring Floating Action

02m 33s

The Dialog Builder

03m 17s

Adding Swipe and Dismissing Actions

02m 23s

Constructing Layout Builders

04m 47s