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Table of Contents

Chapter: Interactive Widgets

The Course Overview

03m 47s

Installing Widgets and Widget Basics

02m 52s

Interact Widget

03m 5s

Interactive Widget

00m 58s


03m 38s

Widget Properties

04m 46s

Chapter: Sharing and Converting Jupyter Notebooks

Sharing Notebooks on a Notebook Server

05m 39s

Sharing Notebooks on a Web Server and Docker

02m 2s

Sharing Notebooks on a Public Server

01m 38s

Converting Notebooks

05m 50s

Chapter: Multiuser Jupyter Notebooks

Sample Interactive Notebook

01m 52s


01m 46s

JupyterHub – Operation

04m 52s

Docker and Its Installation

02m 14s

Building Your Jupyter Image for Docker

03m 8s

Chapter: Jupyter Scala

Installing the Scala Kernel

02m 31s

Scala Data Access in Jupyter

00m 56s

Scala Array Operations

00m 52s

Scala Random Numbers in Jupyter

01m 12s

Scala Closures and Higher Order Definitions

01m 22s

Scala Pattern Matching and Case Classes

01m 58s

Scala Immutability

01m 2s

Scala Collections and Named Arguments

01m 15s

Scala Traits

01m 32s

Chapter: Jupyter and Big Data

Apache Spark

03m 1s

Our First Spark Script and Word Count

03m 31s

Estimate Pi and Log File Examination

02m 15s

Spark Primes and Text File Analysis

01m 30s

Spark – Evaluating History Data

02m 48s