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Table of Contents

Chapter: CSS Foundations

The Course Overview

05m 55s

The Anatomy of a Rule Set and the Three Types of Style Sheets

07m 17s

The Box Model and Block versus Inline Elements

06m 27s

Chapter: Ramping Up

Text Editors

06m 51s

CSS Reset

07m 51s

Chrome Dev Tools

04m 56s

Renaming Elements: Classes and IDs

06m 32s

Descendant Selectors

05m 54s

Chapter: Creating a Page Layout with Floats

Floats Introduction – Flowing Text around Images

05m 8s

Creating a Multicolumn Layout

05m 39s

Solving the Problems of Floats

07m 23s

Chapter: Creating Buttons with Modular CSS

Creating Buttons with Modular CSS

05m 17s

Multiple Classes

04m 43s

Specificity Rules

07m 41s


06m 44s


07m 1s

Styling a Call to Action button

05m 23s


03m 47s

Chapter: Creating the Main Navigation

Starting the Navigation

06m 46s

Using Pseudo Classes

05m 43s

Absolute Positioning

05m 20s

Building the Dropdown

07m 44s

CSS Animations

06m 19s

CSS Animations (Continued)

07m 46s

Finalizing the Navigation

07m 17s

Chapter: Becoming Responsive

Fluid Grid

11m 13s

Flexible Images

08m 18s

Media Queries

09m 38s

Mobile Menu

10m 54s

Viewport Meta Tag

03m 23s

Chapter: Web Fonts

The @font-face Property

04m 17s

Font Kits and Font Services

06m 24s

Google Web Fonts

04m 37s

Subscription Font Foundries

06m 14s

Icon Fonts

10m 40s

Chapter: The Workflow of HiDPI Devices

2x Images

06m 5s

The JavaScript Approach

07m 39s

1.5x images

04m 32s

Background Images

06m 6s


08m 1s


12m 12s

Chapter: Flexbox

Introduction to Flexbox

05m 36s

From Floats to Flexbox

08m 42s

Understanding flex-grow, flex-shrink, flex-basis, and flex

13m 31s

More Layout, More Positioning

10m 12s

Building the Product Listing

10m 55s

flex-wrap and align-content

08m 59s

Changing the Display Order of Content

08m 44s

Vendor Prifixes

07m 30s

Chapter: Wrapping Up

Next Steps

11m 8s

Conclusion and Links

06m 40s