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Table of Contents

Chapter: Setting Up Node.js and NPM

The Course Overview

07m 6s

Installing Node.js and NPM on Your Desktop

04m 20s

Setting Up Node.js and NPM on Linux

06m 29s

Getting a Different Version on Linux

07m 8s

Chapter: Getting to Know NPM

Updating Your NPM Version

13m 41s

Installing and Uninstalling Global Packages

06m 33s

Understanding Global and Local Packages

04m 42s

Declaring NPM Packages with package.json

09m 9s

Version Controlling Packages

09m 29s

Chapter: Node.js

What Makes Node.js Different Than Other Server-Side Languages?

03m 45s

The Node.js Hello World

03m 31s

Loading Packages and Using Modules

11m 4s

Configuring a Basic Server

10m 58s

Using http-server as a Quick Server Solution

05m 44s

Chapter: Express.js

Starting Up an Express.js Server

08m 6s

Enabling Static Files

04m 48s

Routing with Express

09m 6s

Responding with Static Files

06m 11s

Using Middleware in Express.js

07m 28s

Creating a Middleware in Express.js

03m 52s

Using Express Generator

04m 29s

Chapter: MongoDB and Beyond

Installing MongoDB

09m 52s

Creating a Mongo Database

04m 17s

Inserting Collections and Documents

09m 5s

Adding Is Great, But How Do You Find Things?

05m 8s

Finding Complicated Things with Operators

07m 2s

Deleting Documents, Collections, and Databases

03m 1s

MongoDB Driver in Node.js

16m 41s