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Table of Contents

Chapter: Bootstrap 4 Projects

The Course Overview

02m 7s

What Is Bootstrap?

03m 45s

Broad Overview of New Features of Bootstrap 4

04m 56s

Installing Bootstrap 4

06m 32s

Chapter: Creating a Social Media Platform

Building Our Header and Navigation

08m 1s

Utilizing the Bootstrap Grid System

06m 3s

Building the Foundation Blocks of Our Content

07m 19s

Social Feed Content

09m 33s

Chapter: Extending Our Social Platform

Message View

07m 3s

Building the Profile Page

05m 15s

Completing the Profile Page

09m 49s

Chapter: Completing the Profile Page

Creating Tabbed Content

03m 58s

Login Screen

05m 21s

Registration Screen

05m 2s

Alerts, Tooltips, and Popovers

06m 54s

Chapter: Alerts, Tooltips, and Popovers


05m 37s

Best Practices

06m 5s

Chapter: Music Library

Building the Layout

03m 55s


06m 9s

Table List View

04m 48s

Progress Bars and Song Navigation

04m 10s

Adding Icons

05m 15s

Chapter: Customizing Bootstrap 4

Variable File

06m 48s

Third-Party Integrations

06m 37s


05m 41s