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Table of Contents

Chapter: Management Packs and How They Affect Many Things

The Course Overview

08m 11s

Understanding What Management Packs Control

11m 57s

Management Pack Role in Customizing Notifications and Views

08m 14s

Management Pack Tools and Maintenance

03m 15s

Chapter: Notification Tuning

Alerts by Management Pack

06m 20s

Groups and Alerts in Operations Manager

11m 27s

Other Alerting Methods

06m 52s

Chapter: Run-As Account Deployment

Understanding Run-As Account Distribution

06m 16s

Run-As Account Distribution for Active Directory

06m 16s

SQL Configuration for Monitoring in Operations Manager

07m 36s

Chapter: Gathering Data and Implementing Monitoring

Gathering Monitoring Requirements

11m 42s

Application Performance Monitoring

09m 34s

Windows Services

14m 2s

Maintenance Windows

05m 17s

Chapter: Distributed Applications

Distributed Application Concepts

06m 9s

Gathering Objects into a Distributed Application

08m 35s

Exporting and Modifying a Distributed Application in Visio

04m 55s

Saving Visio-based Distributed Applications as Web Parts

05m 41s

Chapter: In-Console Dashboards

Built-in Dashboards

04m 48s

Custom Dashboards

15m 17s

Service Level Agreement Dashboards

07m 15s

Chapter: Integrating Azure Operations Management Suite

OMS History and Future

05m 13s

Sending Data to OMS

05m 50s

Adding OMS Solutions

03m 11s

Taking Action against OMS Results

03m 9s

Chapter: Console Delegation

Delegation Concepts

04m 16s

Granting View-Only Access

05m 8s

Granting the Ability to Take Actions against Alerts

05m 52s

Grant Access to APM Information and Details

02m 41s

Chapter: Integrating PowerShell with Operations Manager

The Operations Manager Command Shell

06m 36s

Automating Common Administrative Tasks

07m 30s

Real-World PowerShell Examples

10m 6s