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Table of Contents

Chapter: Installation and Setup

The Course Overview

11m 47s

Downloading Julia

06m 22s

Setting up an Editor

09m 0s

Using the Julia REPL

03m 34s

Chapter: Learning Basics in Julia

Using Julia as a Calculator

13m 29s


24m 48s


15m 13s

Flow Control

10m 38s


11m 9s


09m 51s


07m 38s

Practical Usage of Functions

10m 23s

Chapter: Working with Types

Inspecting Types

16m 34s

Type Hierarchies and Multiple Dispatch

08m 52s

Conversion and Promotion

13m 50s

Defining Your Own Types

16m 14s

Chapter: Input and Output

Reading and Writing to Files

19m 22s


11m 26s

Dealing with Different File Formats

09m 44s

Chapter: Modules and Packages

Using Modules

10m 45s


09m 49s

Reading and Writing CSV Files

14m 59s

Chapter: Object-Oriented Programming


12m 13s

Maze Builder

15m 4s

Graphics Editor

13m 37s

Implementation Inheritance

08m 8s

Chapter: Functional Programming in Julia

Higher Order Functions

13m 42s

Function Composition

11m 26s

Functional Approach

16m 14s

Functional Interpreter Pattern

08m 36s

Chapter: Collections

Common Traits

11m 16s

Collection Types

10m 6s

Multidimensional Arrays

15m 15s


04m 56s

Chapter: Type Unions

Introducing Type Unions

03m 39s

Code Reuse Through Type Unions

08m 12s

Chapter: Parametric Types

Parametric Types

12m 29s

Creating a Generic Collection

08m 47s


08m 58s


04m 54s

Chapter: Debugging and Testing

Debugging Approaches

19m 36s

Writing Debuggable Code

16m 12s

Writing Tests

21m 56s

Chapter: Metaprogramming

Program Representation

11m 5s


18m 5s

Code Generation

08m 38s

Chapter: Performance


14m 38s

Abstract Versus Concrete Types

11m 3s

Type Stability

15m 36s