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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Ready for Laravel

The Course Overview

04m 30s

What Is Laravel and a Quick Starter to Laravel 5.4

06m 14s

Understanding the Composer

12m 41s

Setting Up System Requirements for Laravel

07m 42s

Installation of Laravel in OSX

07m 5s

Chapter: Diving into Laravel

Creating and Configuring Your Laravel Application

16m 14s

Exploring the Laravel Directory Structure

11m 13s

Working with Dependencies and Packages and Installing with Composer

10m 28s

Exploring Laravel Artisan Commands

12m 3s

Chapter: All about the Laravel MVC Structure

Working with Laravel Routes

20m 13s

Introduction to the Laravel MVC Structure

04m 35s

Working with Laravel Controllers

11m 56s

Working with Laravel Models

13m 45s

Working with Laravel Views and Blade Templates

08m 38s

Working with Database and Understanding Database Migrations

14m 39s

Chapter: Adding CRUD Features to Your Laravel Application

Working with Laravel Resource Controller and Implementing CRUD Operations

26m 17s

Understanding Requests and Response

04m 32s

Basic Validations in Controllers

07m 30s

Basic Validations in Controllers

04m 13s

Understanding Sessions

06m 48s

Authentication in Laravel

05m 9s